The Projects Charter

The following outlines TRP’s charter:

  1. Find flow in the outdoors: this happens under specific conditions when we encounter a challenge that tests our skills, and we utilise and enhance these skills and capacities to meet that challenge
  2.  Wellbeing is enhanced when women choose to pursue goals that are:
    - Feasible, realistic and attainable
    - Helpful in enabling yourself to be progressed forward
    - Personally meaningful
    - Highly committable
    - Intrinsic
    - Highlighting community, intimacy and growth
    - Non-conflicting
  3. Have a wilderness experience in your sight (TRP or solo), set your wilderness goals, write them down, consider joining a trek training pod, reserve your spot for workshops, embrace the outdoors woman in you, learn, practise and love the journey
  4. Create an environment focused on PERMA
    Positive emotion: happiness, excitement, love of wilderness environment
    Engagement: being at one with your surroundings, getting out of your own head and into your body
    Relationships: tribe of like minded women
    Meaning & purpose: wilderness play, fitness, wellbeing and community
    Accomplishment: reach your goals
  5. Show Grit: ability to sustain effort and continue to work hard, even in the face of obstacles
  6. Awaken intrinsic motivation: enhances for activities that are moderately challenging, those we feel we can do well or that can supply us with satisfaction
  7. Quality gear is always the right choice
  8. Leave no trace (lets ensure that we preserve and protect our wilderness areas)
  9. We go into the wilderness to rest, rejuvenate, and we return feeling balanced
  10. Find integrated motivations: we action something because we fully subscribe to the values and these underly our behaviour, which becomes a part of ourselves. Once these have developed then we will need minimal motivation to participate in activities
  11. This movement is a celebration of the modern outdoorswomen; dirty feet, salty hair, chalky and calloused hands, freckled skin and a free spirit.