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We are eager, nature-loving people, who want to create healthy mindsets, share an openness of the ever-changing world around us and who understand the importance of positive interactions and behaviours.

Living, breathing and learning in remote locations and participating in outdoor pursuits as a form of therapy

Shout into the wild

Shout Into the Wild is a unique program for women, that partners mental health professionals with adventure based therapy. 

We use the natural environments, adventure experiences and structured mediation as a means to create and express positive change. 

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Into The Wild

Into The Wild


We engage with our environment by using the seasons to guide our adventures. This will transform your approach as an Outdoorswoman, as we inspire you to be bold and brave to step into the wild.

Learn - Be Inspired - Step Into the Wild



Make your wildest dream a reality!

Join us for our series of skill based workshops ideal to equip you with everything you need for your wilderness adventures. 

Whether you are looking for an exciting new experience, up-skilling or developing your technique these experiences are  for you.

Learn the skills that are perfect for solo adventure travel and preparation for bush or mountain expeditions.


We connect individuals with a community of like minded women and follow the seasons to craft our adventures. 

The universe rewards those who are courageous. We will support and inspire you to be your best, bold and brave self.

We celebrate the outdoorswoman in you. 

wild tribe

We tailor our programs for groups of friends who want to adventure together.

Choose from our list or build your own wild adventure.  

One of our facilitators will work with you to develop your own specialised program. 

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We are a collective of women that believe that adventure into the wild is the key to good health, vitality and wellbeing. 

Train with us - Spend the weekend with us - Travel the world with us


Trek Training

Trek Training is a fitness program that specialises and focuses on preparing our minds, bodies and adventurous spirits through natural movement in outdoor environments.

We will increase intensity through speed, pack weight, elevation, obstacles and distance.

Join us weekly and escape into the wild, with locations and times that work for you.

Wilderness training

Wilderness Training are expeditions, ranging from two to four-days,  that allow us to escape from our urban lives and be challenged, grow stronger and learn in nature.

Our fitness goals benefit much more than just our physical bodies. We return full of energy, focus and re-connection.

Step outside with us as we share and explore intimate locations.

Wild ATlas

Wild atlas are overseas expeditions, these are the ultimate challenge in our training. 

We meet our high-alpine objectives safely, camp like pros and breathe in the benefits that this once-in-a-life-time experience has to offer.

Put on your online hiking shoes and explore the expedition options available below.