Why is this important?


The reasoning behind our all-female programs:


Studies have shown that females (of all ages) need their own single-sex spaces.

A space where they can feel comfortable, nurture relationships, create their own rules, be daring and embrace their wild-side and overall a place where they can empower themselves and those around them. A space where they will not feel judged for their actions, speech, tone of voice or how they react in certain situations.


We live in a culture, that teaches us that there are male dominated areas, and female dominated areas (construction vs dance for example) and we acknowledge that it can be intimidating to break outside of this mould. Sami & Sarah are living proof that we can break these stereotypes; working, living and breathing in a male dominated industry. There is a phenomenon referred to as “group contrast effects” where when together, males and females tend to exaggerate these gender differences. It is unknown why this happens, however here at The Rewilding Project we want to encourage personal development and natural curiosity of all  females, in a safe environment.


We understand that not everyone will agree with us but we would like to encourage you all to have an open mind and think about the growth you will experience with an all female group. We want to help break these gender constraints and give freedom to all females, to express their inner self.